Sker Ritual: Is There More Content After Abraham? (Find Out!)

Want to see if there is more content after Abraham in Sker Ritual? Check out this guide!

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Sker Ritual is a cooperative survival first-person shooter that follows in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed occult horror game, Maid of Sker. The supernatural attacks of the Quiet Ones may be faced by you and up to three other players.

In this guide, we will be talking about whether there is more content after Abraham or not. Let’s get started.

Is There More Content After Abraham? (Find Out!) – Sker Ritual

If you are a big Sker Ritual enthusiast and lover of the game, you will know that the Abraham boss is actually the last thing that you might be doing in the game. It is the final boss that once completed will mean the end of the game.

Well, players have been asking whether there will be something else left to be doing in this game once completed the Abraham content. Luckily for you, there will be. The simple answer is the episodes that will get released.

An Episode will be a new map update with a Sker story (with voice acting) that continues from what happened in Maid of Sker. People have been wondering if the game will have a separate Story Mode, but it won’t. Sker Ritual is a round-based co-op first-person shooter that isn’t a replacement for a (possible) Maid of Sker 2.

Each Episode will add a lot of new content, such as new maps, Elites, Bosses, objectives, trials, Easter eggs, and weapons. You’ll also get big changes to how the Miracles system works, a way to talk to other players inside the game, and a lot more. Here’s how often the game will be updated:

  • The Cursed Lands of Lavernock comes out in October.
  • The Ashes of Sker Hotel is set in December.
  • Sewers of the Dead in February
  • April: The Fortress of the Deadly Lover

So to sum it up, there will be new content after Abraham in Sker Ritual. The only thing is patience and waiting. As you can see mentioned above, there will be a whole lot of content yet to come to the game. Right now the next big update will be in December.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you needed to know about Sker Ritual and the content after Abraham. Good luck waiting for December to come!