Does Sker Ritual have Linux Support? Check out this guide to find out!

Sker Ritual is a round-based survival shooter game succeeding the award-winning British Horror, Maid of Sker. This co-op survival FPS can be played solo or by team of 4 players to survive the supernatural onslaught of the Quiet Ones.

Find out on this guide if Sker Ritual has Linux Support.

Linux Support – Sker Ritual

Sker Ritual has been identified by Valve as Steam Deck Playable and Steam Deck runs on Linux, specifically SteamOS which is an Arch-based Linux distro with built-in Proton support.

However, despite the playable rating on Steam Deck, Sker Ritual has lapses, still, when it comes to frame rate. Average frame rate for this game is just 20 FPS which eventually drops during intense plays.

To answer the question, Sker Ritual technically has Linux support but needs to improve their optimization issues which apparently persists even in the Windows version.

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