Will Sker Ritual be compatible with Steam Deck? Find out here in this guide

Sker Ritual is a round-based survival shooter game succeeding the award-winning British Horror, Maid of Sker. This co-op survival FPS can be played solo or by team of 4 players to survive the supernatural onslaught of the Quiet Ones.

Find out on this guide if Sker Ritual has Steam Deck Support.

Steam Deck Support – Sker Ritual

With the advent of Steam Deck, your game library is just within your reach and, naturally, you would want to know if the games you want to play run smoothly on this console. Unfortunately, not all games run perfectly on Steam Deck as it does on a desktop PC.

Valve has set four categories of Deck Compatibility which tells you whether a game can or can not be played on your Steam Deck.

  • Verified – the game works great on Steam Deck, right out of the box.
  • Playable – the game may require some manual configuration by the user in order to play
  • Unsupported – the game is currently not functional on Steam Deck
  • Unknown – the game has not been checked for compatibility yet

To check if a game’s compatibility with Steam Deck, there is a website called SteamDB where you can actually check the game’s supported systems.

On SteamDB, Sker Ritual is actually playable.

However, there are just issues that need to be resolved. One of them is the low average FPS of 20 which eventually drops to single digits when the gameplay gets intense. On a brighter note, recent updates from developers say that the team is working on a hotfix for these problems.

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