Get along with your friends and check out this guide to see how you can invite them to Smithworks!

Smithworks is a great cartoon game where you can gather along with a group of people and create different weapons inside your smith shop. You will be given a timer on how long it will take you to create each piece of equipment. Many people want VR for this game as it would fit it greatly.

This guide will show you how to invite friends in Smithworks

How to Invite Friends – Smithworks

Smithworks is a game powered by steam. You can play this game online or in a lobby with your friends. To invite friends to a lobby you will need to have the game opened up and press Shift+Tab.

Pressing Shift+Tab will open up another window where you can see your friends list and invite them to one of your games!

Simply right-click on one of your friends who plays the same game with you, and you will be able to invite them.

And just like that, you can gather along with your friends and make amazing weapons in Smithworks!

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