The Tiger Tank is giving you trouble? No worries! Check out this guide to see how to destroy the Tiger Tank in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 has a large catalog of World War 2 machinery. The Tiger Tank is one of those heavy machines that will require you to do some specific shootings towards it and destroy it. Some players have found it difficult to destroy the tank, there are many ways.

This guide will show you how to destroy the Tiger Tank in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5: How to Destroy the Tiger Tank

The Tiger Tank will appear in a mission called “Liberate the Northern Town”. In this mission there will be a tank that is trying to take over a town, your duty is to find a way to destroy it. This Tiger Tank is created to be strong and durable. Destroying it can be challenging.

One of the ways is to place TNT on the ground and drag the Tiger Tank towards you, make sure to set the TNT on a timer, set a 5 second timer so the tank doesn’t have enough time to drive off.

Grenades can work but you will need to waste a lot of them because they don’t do as much damage as TNT. TNT will take out the tank in two hits.

When you are throwing both the TNT and the grenades, aim towards it and make sure that both the TNT and the grenades land under the tank.

In this specific mission, you can enter the house that is on the left side and go to the second floor, up there you will find a rocket launcher that will do a good amount of damage to the Tiger Tank.

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