Songs Of Conquest: All 4 Factions List

Check out all 4 factions in Songs of Conquest!

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Songs of Conquest is a strategy-based game where you must create an empire and fight off opposing enemies. Slowly entering their land and occupying their territory shall make you victorious! The game has 4 different factions that each have their special units and builds

This guide will show you all 4 factions in Songs of Conquest!

Songs Of Conquest: All 4 Factions List

The game offers 4 different factions that you can choose from, they are:

  • Arleon
  • Barya
  • Rana
  • Barony of Loth


Arelon is your original “Rule by Iron Fist” faction where there are cavalries and units who will use standard weapons such as swords, bows & arrows, and axes to defeat their opponents.

This faction is a mix of Humans and Fae creatures.


This faction has formed independent merchant states. Their sound of the hell breath will bring terror to all opposing factions.

This faction has broken off the empire and focused more on the merchant stuff to sustain their independence.


This faction has been scattered by its enemies and has been enslaved. They have managed to be risen by a mysterious wielder.

Vicious Ravagers, Wise Chelun, and the Secretive Ethdra will come to the wielder’s call and bring fear to the world.

Barony of Loth

This is the Undead faction of the game. Loth will rise to its glory, even if it means bringing back the dead.

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