Check out all the useful Tips & Tricks for Songs of Conquest!

Songs of Conquest is a strategy-based game where you must create an empire and fight off opposing enemies. Slowly entering their land and occupying their territory shall make you victorious! The game has a ton of options to choose from, and it can sometimes be hard for new players to get around.

This guide will show you all the beginner Tips & Tricks in Songs of Conquest!

Songs of Conquest: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Options Menu

It’s good to firstly have your perfect gameplay options set up just so you have a better feel for the game.

There are menus such as the “Auto equip stronger artifacts”. This option will automatically equip stronger equipment and make you stronger without the game bothering you.

The “Show wielder movement range is also a great asset to this game, it helps you how far your wielder can go and you don’t need to click around to see how far he will make it.

This option will give you an ability to make a great plan on how you want your wielders to be positioned.

Tutorial & Codex

The Tutorials & Codex menu is a great asset for this game. Here you are able to see everything about anything. You can see how much damage and health units have, and what skills each unit uses. Looking at this menu will help you gain even more knowledge about the game and you will know exactly what you should choose.

Play the First Campaign

“The Song of Stoutheart” campaign is the first campaign that you can start. It’s important that you play this campaign first as you need to get a feel for the game. This campaign will show you all the tutorials and how the game works.

Some players tend to instantly go off and make a custom game without knowing how the game actually works. This campaign will show everything you need to know.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are important in this game. Knowing your shortcuts will help you get around faster and speed can sometimes save a whole game.

Here is a list of some of the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Move to a certain area quickly (Right Click On Marked Spot + Q)
  • Swap between wielders (TAB Button)
  • End your turn (E Button)
  • Open Spells (V Button)
  • Character Menu (C Button)
  • Show all intractable things in the map (ALT Button)

The most important shortcut out of all these is the ALT button. This is great because it gives you even more information on what each object represents and what you can interact with.

Character Skills

Character Skills are an important asset to the game where you will need to set up the perfect skill tree to be as effective as possible in the battleground.

The perfect way to find the best spells for your character is to go to the Tutorials & Codex menu and reading what each skill does and how it will benefit you.

Building Site

There is a building site that is split into 3 different categories:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

These building sites can be accessed in your base. Press on each building area and you will see what type it is. If you have a large building site that means that you can build a medium and a small build there.

Right next to the green “BUILD” button, you can see if the game will allow you or not allow you to place a build there.

This is important because you want to maximize your build capacity in the game.

Unit Recruitment

When you recruit units, it’s important to know what type of essence the units will create, the essence will be needed for you to create more spells.

You can check the essence by hovering your cursor above the small dots on each recruit.

You will also need to keep in mind all the command levels that you have. Command levels can be seen above the “Excavation” text in the units menu. You need to plan out what units you want to recruit as you are limited.


One of the most important features of the game is research. Research allows you to choose between having large builds and recruiting top tier units.

It’s your decision if you want to have a stronger base or a stronger army.

Hover your cursor above all skills to see what skill does, that way you can figure out what combination suits you best.