Do you want to rank up fast in Soul Hackers 2? Well, this is the perfect guide for you.

Soul Hackers 2 is a game where Farming is a big part of playing, and I’m pretty sure that you just want to get to the top of the game. Raising higher levels and earning XP at a higher rate will always give you an upper hand against other players.

With this guide I will tell you strategies and tactics on where to go and how to farm easier.

XP Farming Guide (Rank up FAST!) – Soul Hackers 2

Items That You Need To Start

The first item that you need is a food item called “Varja Sara Udon”. This item gives you a boost in finding riskier and more powerful enemies in dungeons.

If you can’t find this item at the beginning of the game you can just go on a main-story rampage and do a lot of farming in the beginning.

Where You Need To Go

The place that has that riskiest enemies is the subway line 14, where you go on the start/middle of the game, then you go on the first teleporter on the lower line and run on the rails, or better known as risky rails.

This method won’t work every time, so if you can’t find any risky enemies go back outside walk around a bit and then go back to the subway.

The best thing about fighting risky enemies is that you get more than double XP and money, but it also depends on the group of enemies that you get. And also not every bit of XP goes to your character, it splits even between the characters that you have fighting.

The best thing about fighting risky enemies is that you also get some really rare items from the game.

Strategies about fighting riskier enemies

The fastest way to rank up is by playing the game on easy mode. It will also be more interesting to play it on Medium or Hard but, it’ll take more time for you to rank up.

Playing on easy mode will still take you a couple of hours to play if you don’t get bored, but beating a risky enemy will give you XP to go 2-3 levels up. And it will also give you a lot of money.

We really hope this guide helped you, now go back into the game and rank up to the biggest rank you can get.

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