Time to complete the "A Sword For Edil" Side Quest for Souldiers.

Souldiers is an amazing 2D retro adventure game where you will need to go through a ton of interesting story quests and side quests. One of these side quests is “A Sword For Edil” which will take you on great adventures and help you unlock interesting areas related with this quest.

This guide will show you how to complete “A Sword For Edil” side quest in Souldiers.

Souldiers: A Sword For Edil Side Quest Guide

To start the quest properly, you will need to go on the place marked in the following picture:

If you are there you will need to have a short chat with Edil, and after that, you can continue your road.

Go in Hafin City to buy the Tempes Mines Key-the best you can get!

After you have bought that item, you can go in the next place:

Once you’re there go into the  left down stairs until you see the door from the Tempes Plains.

Go up until you see a big square rock on your right side. Push the rock trough the hole.

Do the same with the one that’s on your left side one floor under.

Then transfer yourself on the bottom and activate the pig bomb to crush the barricade.

Once the explosion is done you can get Edil’s Sword.

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