Let's check out all the bosses available in Souldiers!

It will for sure bring you some advantage to learn the whole bosses list from Souldiers. You will be aware of how they look so you can direct your activities to properly win the battles with them. This guide will list all of the bosses that will come across while playing Souldiers. Stay tuned!

Souldiers: All Bosses List/Guide

#1 Iktala, Minotaur

The most dangerous weapon this boss will have it’s the eye-laser. So you only need to learn how to escape it properly and fast.

#2 Royal Scorpion

Be aware of its strength to make the stones above you fall, and the ability to strike you. Same you will need the proper movements and the speed to escape this boss attack.

#3 Dark Axe

The third one will come right after you collect the red ball from the scorpion. Be prepared for one of the most intense battles.

#4 Babylon

You will be amazed by its ability to strike, so be prepared to escape the fire arrows.

#5 Galath

After you got your backup, you will need to surface Galath and its army. Get ready to crush him.

#6 Dark Claw

Watch out, because Dark Claw sharped iron fingers can lead you to unwilling consequences.

#7 Mecha Birk

One of the fastest transporting creatures in the game. To win him you need to place every time before he stops. Only then you will have the ability to strike him back.

#8 Vacant Brigard

No worries, you got this one. One of the easiest bosses fights you will need to pass.

#9 Sangrigor

Block the strikes from this witch weapon and you will win the battle with no trouble at all.

#10 Dark Whip

The next one is the Dark Whip. Be careful because her sword can be very sharp and dangerous.

#11 Project S

This enormous tunnel fish has only its teeth to bite. You can also easily win this one too.

#12 Dark Razor

Next, you will fight the Dark Razor. It’s a well-armed boss that can be very fast and unpredictable. It has the most powerful shield, so be sure to hide it when he gets it out.

#13 Ratatosk

Escape the burning flames sent to you, and you won’t have some difficulties winning this battle.

#14 Shadow Axe

The Shadow Axe is pretty fast, strikes hard and you also need the fast escape so you can fight against him.

#15 Shadow Razor

Same as the previous, little advanced.

#16 Dark Whip

Get prepared for the double trouble. You will need to fight the Dark Whip whit the two creatures.

#17 Shadow Lance

The last mirror reflection to fight with is the Shadow Lance.

#18 Shadow Claw

Same as the Dark Claw, it has sharpened iron fingers that can be dreadful, especially in this advanced creature.

#19 Dark Sword

Next, you will fight the Dark Sword. Get ready to jump and escape the purple stones coming from the ground when he hit it with the sword.

#20 Agginox The Leader Dragon

Like the name is telling you, get ready and prepare all your strength to fight the leader!

#21 Final Boss- Beigon

This is going to be a hell of a fight. You will get ready as much as you can and keep all your resources for this fight because you will need to pass the multiple forms he will transform into.

Be aware that all of them are with different amounts of strength.

#22 Parasite Zero

Just hit as fast as you can and get rid of this one too!

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