Souldiers: All Laboratory Access Card Locations

Let’s find out where are all Laboratory Access Card Locations in Souldiers.

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To enter the laboratories in Souldiers you will need to have the proper access card. They are located in different areas on the Souldires map. Separated in 4 levels, waiting on you to get them! To save your time and to find them faster read the following text and get the proper access card you need!

All Laboratory Access Card Locations – Souldiers

1. Sunken Laboratory Access Card 1

You will get this one in the first level. Once you’re in the Sunken Lab in the area shown on the picture, just jump on the left platform and take the card behind the witch hat.

2. Sunken Laboratory Access Card 2

You will need to enter the closed refrigerator with the different poisons. After you check the ID you got earlier you will have access to the second Lab card. This will be available in level 2.

3. Sunken Laboratory Access Card 3

In level 3 you will go in the room on the tom of the laboratory and again, check in your ID to get the third access card.

4. Sunken Laboratory Access Card 4

And the 4th card will be hidden in the old part of the laboratory. You will have to fight the creatures hidden there and once agen check in your ID to get the last Sunken Lab Access Card.

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