This guide will teach you how to burn the spider nets in Souldiers.

One of the things you need to learn so you can properly play Souldiers is to burn the spider nets. You will need this because you should relieve others that are trapped in it or even some items that are important for leveling up in the game. Sometimes you will also find some hidden areas or Easter eggs if you burn enough spider webs.

This guide will show you how to burn spider webs in Souldiers.

Souldiers: How To Burn Spider Webs

To get the ability to burn spider nets you need to solve the Scale puzzle given there.

Go on in the Spider Lair.

Once you’re there go up as the road is leading you. Use your sword to cut the spiders and all other bugs  that are on your road.

Also you can break the boxes and other elements so you can collect coins.

To solve the puzzle you need to grab the big rock standing on the left side of the road and put it on the scale properly and solve the problem.

Hit the second rock that needs to enter the vague. To find it go to the place shown in the picture.

The road made from the hanging rocks should look like this:

Once you’re up you need to win the fight with the pink boss and collect the green ball points that come from it.

With these points you will open the secret room where the Igneous Orb is hidden.

Go back to the beginning enter the whole so you can transfer yourself there. Use the scale that’s there and get the Igneous orb and be prepared to burn some nets.

You will enjoy clearing your way with this option.

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