Check out this guide to find out how you can defeat the Iktala Boss in Warrior Mode in Souldiers.

Souldiers is an indie 2D action-adventure game and Metroidvania with souls-like combat. The game leads players to discover the mysteries surrounding their supposed deaths. You can choose between 3 classes, archer, scout, and caster whose mission is to find the way through the depths of the mystery and locate the Guardian in Terragaya to move on to the next world. Defeating enemies will grant you experience and upgrade your hero skills and abilities according to your preferences.

This guide will show you how to defeat the Iktala Boss in Warrior Mode in Souldiers.

Souldiers: How to Defeat the Iktala Boss in Warrior Mode

Once you get to this boss, you will need to watch out for a few different boss mechanics. They are simple and you could avoid them easily if you follow these steps.

The first ability that this boss does is a charged attack that is combined with several spike attacks in the ground. If you get hit by a spike attack, you will get damaged. You will know when this his is coming when the boss enrages and a green wave of energy comes out it.

A great way to dodge this attack is to move in the opposite direction from where the boss is coming.

Also note that at the end of the spike attack, the boss will slam its body on the ground, creating some AOE damage.

The next mechanic that the boss does is a simple eye blast. It will mark the area that you are standing and mark down a blast. It will take 1 second for the blast to reach that area and deal damage. The best way to dodge this attack is to constantly move around and dodge all the attacks.

Dropping the health below 50% will cause a gate to close, allowing the spider to crawl on it and perform more attacks. The first attack will be a regular arm swipe which will do damage, just try to dodge it.

The next and final mechanic that this boss has is a laser beam which explodes the ground. A great way to dodge this laser beam is to jump over the exploding area and stand where there are no current explosions.

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