This guide will show you how to pass Joki The Mad Quest in Souldiers.

There are plenty of missions that need to be done in Souldiers. After completing the task and you have taken all of the collectibles in the Floating Module Area, Joki the Mad Quest will be available for you to play it. This mission has only a few things that need to be done and to do that faster follow the given instructions in this guide and save your time.

Let’s finish Joki The Mad Quest.

Joki The Mad Quest Guide – Souldiers

You need to go to the following marked area from Hafin City to start your mission.

Once you’re there enter the purple tent in front of you.

Go right and select the paper hung on the board to accept Joki the Mad mission. From here you will also learn that you will be given some awards and the location where you need to accomplish this quest- in the clouds above Hafin City.

Select the fast travel option and go into the Floating Module.

Also, you will need to select the Cargo Bay destination to transfer yourself there. You will find yourself in the Floating Module in that area.

Use the coffin and the other object to upgrade your health and poisons. You will be able to clone yourself and escape the possibility of getting back to the start.

Go right and then up, until you come to this position.

Use the purple moving platform to escape the damage from the electricity line and transfer yourself up to the next floor.

The tools you got previously will help you to win the battle with the creature. After you pass the previous platform just go as the road is leading you. That way you will finish the quest and return to Hafin City for your reward.

That way you will be able to upgrade your character to have better health and many weapon options. Enjoy the upgrade!

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