Let’s free all Soldiers trapped in a spider’s net in Souldiers.

One of the side quests that need to be done in Souldiers is to find all the trapped Soldiers. They are trapped and hidden in several locations. Follow this guide so you can finish this side quest properly and find all of them.

Souldiers: Soldiers On The Menu Side Quest Guide

Location #1

The first one is located here on the map:

Go up and after you pass several spider round nets you will find your soldier in the one located in the picture.

Location #2

The second one is located here:

Go up the stairs and your solder will be rolled up in the last spider net on your right.

Location #3

3rd one is located here:

Once you’re there go down until you come to the last rolled spider net. There will be the soldier.

Location #4

Your 4th solider will be located here:

You will need to go down under the stone you’re standing on. There will be your soldier.

Location #5

Your next solider will be located in the following area:

Once you have arrived there you will need to jump into the hole and go down to the bottom. Before you get your soldier you need to turn the lights on fight the spiders and free the soldier.

Location #6

Your 6th solider will be located in the following place:

Go up and cut the least spider net roller on the least stone.


To get your reward you need to go to Hafin City.

Enter the tent on your right.

Get your reward after you finish the conversation with the soldiers inside.

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