Souldiers: Sunken Laboratory All Map Fragment Locations

Check out this guide to find all Sunken Laboratory Map Fragment Locations in Souldiers.

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Souldiers is an indie 2D action-adventure game and Metroidvania with souls-like combat. The game leads players to discover the mysteries surrounding their supposed deaths. You can choose between 3 classes, archer, scout, and. Defeating enemies will grant you experience and upgrade your hero skills and abilities according to your preferences. It’s important o know some of the mechanics of the bosses if you want to defeat them without any problem.

This guide will show you how to find all Sunken Laboraty map fragment locations in Souldiers.

Souldiers: Sunken Laboratory All Map Fragment Locations

Location 1

The first location for this map fragment will be located on the northwest part of the map. Get to this specific location and enter the bubble which will shoot you up to the higher level of the area. Move up to the chest and inside you will located the first map fragment.

Location 2

The second map fragment will be located in this specific area presented on the image.

To get there, you must press two buttons to unlock two moving pillars and activating a water pipe which will grant you access to the upper level.

Take the first set of bubbles and make your way to this specific area.

Press the first button which will open the gate and allow you to play with the water pumps. Get to the water pump and turn it once. Turning it once will allow you to get to the next button which can be reached in this order.

On the right side of the room, you will now be able to climb up the waterfall from the pipe and make your way to the chest.

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