This guide will show you how to pass the Tempestuous Avalerion Quest in Souldiers!

One more interesting side quest in Souldiers that will be available in the levels that are coming. You can play the Tempestuous Avalerion Quest after you have some progress through Hafin Sewers. To save your time and properly solve the mission follow the instructions given in this guide.

Let’s go through the Tempestuous Avalerion Quest in Souldiers.

Tempestuous Avalerion Quest Guide – Souldiers

Enter the purple tent in Hafin City and go to the mission board.

Accept the quest.

Once you have done that select the Fast Travel button to transport yourself in the east Tempes Plains.

You will need to go there and grab the extra tools that will give you the ability to clone yourself.

After that, go back to Hafin City and go right until you meet Desteras to help you upgrade your weapon.

Continue to go right until you see the gate to the next enterance.

Go on the road, you will have one small battle in front of you. After you have won the battle countinue straight.

And one more right after a few meters. You will need to use all the equipment that you have taken at the beginning.

Do that 3-4 times to open the side guest.

Go back to Hafin City to get your reward and upgrade your character.

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