The Harbinger boss is giving you a hard time in Soulstice? Trying to figure out how to defeat it? Check out this guide!

Soulstice is a game that has one of the coolest boss fights! You will be dealing with monsters 20 times your size and you’ll need to use your trusty sword to take them down.

In this guide, we will be talking about Two Harbinger Boss Fight and what you’ll need to do to take him down in Soulstice. Let’s get started.

Two Harbinger Boss Fight – Soulstice

The Two Harbinger is the final boss that you’ll need to fight in Soulstice. He is extremely hard to beat but has very big weaknesses.

First of all, he will strike you with his fists. You are not supposed to actually dodge them. Just them hit you. The just important thing is that you won’t move at all. When they strike you, you will stay in the middle and you’ll be inside the first. Then just start slashing while you’re inside.

Once you strike him long enough his body will fall down to you. This is your chance to deal a lot of damage to his chest. He will keep falling down every once in a while, so just use this chance to bring him down maybe to 50% HP.

The next phase will be shooting lasers at you. All that you’ll need to do is run to the right. There will be floating rocks all around and you’ll need to jump from one to the other. He will keep coming to you from one side and then to the next. Just keep dodging him this way for a while.

Then he will strike with both of his hands. Again, don’t move. Stay in the middle of them and keep slashing them.

Then you will repeat these same things that are mentioned above. There will be a time when he will fall down with his chest and you’ll get a special attack available. This will get him to get his HP lowered by a lot.

When he shoots the laser in one line at you you will want to just move from one side to the other. It is very simple really. Then he will keep striking you with one hand, again do not move. Just keep slashing him from inside.

That’s everything you need to know about Two Harbinger in Soulstice! We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in taking him down. Good luck!