Soulstice: Arrowhead Boss Fight

Arrows will rain from the sky! The Arrowhead boss is waiting for you to see what you've got! Check out this guide to see how to defeat him.

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Solstices is all about slashing and hacking through a lot of enemies at the same time. What happens when you need to fight single bosses like Arrohead?

Well, in this guide you will find out. We will talk about the Arrowhead Boss Fight and how you’re able to defeat him. Let’s get started.

Arrowhead Boss Fight – Soulstice

Arrowhead is a boss that is extremely difficult to beat.

The main thing to know about him is his arrow. Whatever you might be doing you will want to be dodging that arrow. If he hits you with it he will deal a lot of damage to you.

He will have lots of skills that will get him to move away from you. This can be jumping, strafing, or even it would seem as if he is teleporting just to be away from you. That is why you will need to be very quick and catch up to him as much as possible.

When you do manage to catch up to him he will summons his minions by destroying a gate. Your main goal when fighting Arrowhead is to be killing the other smaller NPCs and only then deal with them. Keep in mind that he will keep firing upon you.

Once you do enough damage to him he will keep changing his phases. In the third phase is when you’ll need to be extremely careful. He will spawn lots of enemies for you to fight but he’ll keep shooting arrows your way. There will be spikes almost everywhere around you which you’ll need to avoid!

Every time he lands from the wall, after he jumps, you will have around 3-4 seconds to deal a  lot of damage to him. This is when you will want to burst everything you got. In these small periods of time is when you’ll be able to even kill him.

When striking him you’ll get a quick chance to press F to stab him. Make sure to catch all of these moments to kill him.

That is it when it comes to fighting Arrowhead in Solstice! We hope that this guide will give you the help and information that you’ll need to take him down. Good luck!