Soulstice: Colossus Boss Fight

Want to figure out how to defeat the colossus boss in Soulstice? This is the perfect guide for you.

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In Soulstice you will be dealing with very big and scary-looking boss monsters fights. When fighting the Colossus you’ll have 2 enemies to look out for!

That is why in this guide we will be showing you how to defeat and pass the Colossus Boss Fight in Soulstice. Let’s get started.

Colossus Boss Fight – Soulstice

Colossus is a strong melee boss. He will have tons of damage that he can deal on you if he gets a hold of you. That is why the key to this fight will be your movement and speed.

First of all, at the beginning of the fight, you will want to move around and dodge him for a while. Just keep on running to the left. In the beginning, he will proceed to smash the ground in front of him. This is a move that is easy to predict and dodge.

In the beginning, you will shoot with your arrow. This is how to get their aura to go down, which is their passive protection. As you keep shooting the boss will keep coming your way. Once Colossus will fully gets next to you you can begin your melee strikes.

After a certain moment of him jumping around you, he will fall down. This is your moment to do a lot of DMG to him. Simply aim for the crystals when he is laying on the floor.

Then he will repeat the same things until you get him to 60% HP. Now another phase will start. You will get beams that will surround you and the entire map. They are completely at the random but you can predict where they will hit. Just avoid them.

After this, the two pieces of the head will get together and shoot a laser beam at you. It will be mostly coming from the left to the right so you’ll want to run to the right. Once the head is on the ground it will do a 360-degree laser shot around him. Just jump in the correct time to avoid it. Also very easy.

Keep damaging the Colossus boss when he keeps coming at you with his smash. Then after a lot of jumping the head will crash to the ground. This is your time to do a lot of DMG again.

After this stage, the same things will keep happening. After a while, the boss will go down. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in taking down the Colossus Boss in Soulstice.

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