Soulstice: How to Get 30 FPS on Steam Deck

Learn to configure your Steam Deck to 30 FPS for a stable Soultice gaming experience in this guide!

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Soulstice has just made its way into Steam with an action-packed dark fantasy gameplay akin to the popular Devil May Cry. However, the game’s performance can be very poor.

This guide will teach you how to improve your Soulstice gaming experience on Steam deck by getting the 30 FPS configuration.

How to Get 30 FPS on Steam Deck – Soulstice

In the launch screen, head to the game profile Settings, Properties, and then General. In the Launch Options, type the following command:

dxvk_async=1 %command%

After this, change Game Resolution to 1024×640.

Still in Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and set the ‘Force the use of a specific Steam Play Compatibility tool’ to the latest available version of GE-Proton. In this tutorial, we used GE-Proton 7-35.

These settings will allow Soulstice to perform at a better quality on Steam Deck. There will be occasional drops below 30 FPS during cutscenes but the gameplay will be much stable.

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