Soulstice: Pride is a sin, young Knight Trophy Guide

In this guide, we will show you how to snatch the trophy by beating Donovan in a killing spree!

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In Chapter 4 of Soulstice, Briar and Lute meet a rumored knight called Donovan, The Shadeless. In this chapter, you will have to beat Donovan by killing more enemies in Pride is a sin, young Knight.

How, exactly? Find out below.

Pride is a sin, young Knight Trophy Guide – Soulstice

When the fighting begins, ignore all the large enemies within a lot of health and focus only on the small enemies. Doing this makes Donovan focus on the larger enemies which take longer to eliminate.

After eliminating the first round of enemies, larger enemies will spawn. Do not attack them. Ignore them completely. Keep killing the smaller ones until only the larger ones are left.

Only then can you attack the larger ones.

After a while, more small enemies will start to respawn. Eliminate them and you should have enough to gain advantage over Donovan.

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