Check out the Amends quest from the main story in Spider-Man 2!

If you reach Amends missions from the main story, it means that you are already at the 7th mission in which Miles has to meet up with Uncle Aaron. If you have difficulty completing this mission, then we prepared a whole walkthrough for it.

In this guide, we will show you Amends mission in Spider-Man 2!

Amends Mission Guide

Amends is the seventh mission from the main story in which Uncle Aaron wants to meet with Miles. As you start the mission, you have to follow the marked location on the map that will head you to the northwest corner of the map in Harlem.

Here you will meet up with Uncle Aaron and there will be a short dialogue in which he wants your help to get something off the streets. Once the dialogue is done, the mission will be updated with another objective.

Go to the objective marker in Upper West Side, and there you will have to scan for Prowler Code by holding L2.

Once the scan is done, you will need to analyze the green granules.

After you’re done with the analyzing, have to position the L2 and R2 triggers correctly within their thresholds to stabilize the code.

Once this is done, you will be able to pull the gate to the position of the purple granules. Make sure to stand in the right position to be able to pull the gate in the right direction.

Now, a secondary gate will be there that has to be done with the same process as the first gate. Hold L2 to scan for Prowler Code, and then you have to pull the second gate from above by pressing L1+R1.

Okay, now once the second gate is open, you can get inside the room and collect the Prowler Stash. Here you will also find Rare Tech Parts that will allow you to upgrade your Health, Damage, Focus, and Traversal.

Uncle Aaron will let you keep the tech. All you need to do is to open the menu and go to Suit Tech. Once you do the upgrades and exit the upgrade menu, the mission will automatically be completed.

Upon completing this mission, you will also unlock Prowler Stashes as a Mission type and a Collectible on the map.

That’s it! We hope this guide helped you complete the Amends mission in Spider-Man 2. Stay tuned with use for more upcoming articles like this one. Good luck!

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