Let's see how you can change your suit in Spider Man 2.

Eventually in Spider-Man 2 you are going to get bored of the way your character looks and might want to switch it up a bit. As you progress through the game it is guaranteed that you will obtain various suits that look different.

In this guide, I will show you how to change suits in Spider-Man 2.

How To Change Suit

To change your suit in Spider-Man 2, you need to first complete the 3 main story missions and make your suit sandy.

That will require you to go ahead and pick up a bag filled with different suits on top of a building.

To make your suit sandy, simply go anywhere on top of a building where there is a lot of sand from Sandman and you will get the mission for the suits.

Once the bag has been obtained, you will get a new tab in your menu called Suits.

In this menu, you can simply go ahead and chose any available suit that you have and change it. Closing off the menu will show you how your Spider-Man looks.

You can purchase suits with city tokens, craft them and even obtain most of them by completing main story missions and side missions.

I hope this guide helped you figure out how you can change your suit in Spider-Man 2,.

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