Here you can learn how to get Just Let Go Trophy in Spider-Man 2!

Spider-Man 2 is coming with a completely new adventure that offers plenty of quests and challenging trophies for the players. Before you start the journey, you can learn some of the trophies and always be one step ahead of the others.

In this guide, we will show you Just Let Go Trophy in Spider-Man 2!

Just Let Go Trophy Guide

There is a ton of new content in the new Spider-Man 2, and of course, here comes the trophies along with that. Just Let Go is one of the easier but tricky trophies that you can achieve.

First of all, this science trophy can be collected only if you play with Miles. In order to switch characters, you need to swipe the touchpad left, and then hold square. Okay, now once you switched your character, make sure to go to the marked location on the image below.

Just follow the marked location which is in the south part of the map. You will have to climb the tower which is shown below.

Once you are there, you will find a small cube on the ground that needs to be collected. After that, you will automatically achieve Just Let Go trophy.

That’s it! We hope this guide helped you easily achieve the trophy, and if you want more helpful articles like this one, please stay tuned with us.

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