Time to give New York a good glance in Spider Man 2. A place filled with a ton of activities that never stop!

Each mission in Spider-Man 2 is unique in its own way. The game is based in New York and you know what that means, we must have a mission where New York needs to be Shown.

In this guide, I will show you how you can complete the “Show Me New York” mission for Spider-Man 2.

Show Me New York Mission Guide

The Show Me New York mission in Spider Man 2 begins in Little Odessa.

Once you obtain the mission, you are going to get a checkpoint far away where two people are playing frisbee with Captain America’s shield.

Take a photo of the two playing frisbee.

Now all you need to do is locate different other citywide activities by taking photos and stopping crime.

And after just a few objectives, the Show Me New York mission will be automatically completed.

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