Check out this guide to see how you can tidy up the house in Spider-Man 2.

Sometimes you need to lay off the Spider Suit and do your regular activities such as tidying up your house.

Well not to worry, Spider-Man 2 has a special mission just for you where you need to go inside your messy house and start cleaning it up by sorting different stuff into different places.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Tidy up the House mission in Spider-Man 2.

Tidy up the House Mission Guide

Once you’ve gotten this mission your objectives are simple. Re-order and organize your house to make it look nice.

However, you won’t exactly know where things need to go, that is why you need to use your Spider Scent and see exactly which item needs to be picked up.

There are going to be rotten fruits that have flies around them which needs to be thrown in the bin.

After the fruits, you will head over to the kitchen table and take the food box to throw it in the bin as well.

Next on the list is a piece of paper that shows your mortgage. You will find it on a box between the living room and the stairs that lead into the first floor.

And the final item that needs to be checked in order to complete the mission is a video game called Speed Nonagon that’s on top of a box on the table in the living room.

And after those items have been sorted, you will complete the mission and keep on rolling with MJ.

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