Spirit of the Island: Character Creation Guide

Check out this guide to find out all you need to know about creating the perfect character in Spirit of the Island!

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Spirit of the Island is a brand new life simulator RPG-style game where you get to leave your parents and begin your own adventuring journey. You will be stranded on an island with just a few simple tools which will help you survive the nights and keep you going!

This guide will show you all you need to know about character creation in Spirit of the Island!

Character Creation Guide – Spirit of the Island

Once you’ve loaded up and started the game, you’ll be presented with different profiles that you can play on.
These profiles are basically saved games where you’ve created a world and have begun your progress.

Simply select on one of the profiles to begin your character creation process.

The first window of your character creation will allow you to name the following:

  • Your Character Name
  • Property Name
  • Town Name
  • Region Name

The next tab is the character looks themselves. You can pick between a male or a female character and select the skin color that you like.

The next tab is the hairstyle of your character. There are a total of 8 different hair styles for your character that you can change, as well as 12 different color for that hair style.

The next tab that you can mess around with is the face of the character. This is more of an eye and eyebrow change that you can do, there are small changes with the mouth as well.

Here you can find a total of 9 different face styles for your character.

And the last tab that you can mess around with is kind of really cool. Here you can set up your childhood, gamemode, and select if you want to play the tutorial.

At the childhood option, you have the following selections:

  • Countryside Lover (You love everything about living outside urban areas. Taking care of farms brings you joy, and animals mean a lot to you. Manual work is something that is not really hard for you.)
  • Survivor (You learned how to defend yourself during school and how to find different types of plants and organic things of nature. Foraging and discovering are things that you really love to do.)
  • Food Lover (For you, cooking is art and spices are gold. You always think in different ways to cook. Not only on the land, but you also know how to deal with different types of seafood.)
  • Popular Kid (As a kid, you loved to talk to others and people always enjoyed being next to you. Joining your friends in many adventures was a big part of your childhood.)
  • Builder (Everything can be fixed or created, as per your imagination. You love building stuff and destroying things as well. Connecting logic and crafting defines what you have become today.)
  • Collector (You are fascinated by everything the world has to offer: food, people, animals, challenges and even danger. Living the life, as some may say.)

You can have 2 different gamemodes:

  • Easy (Explorer)
  • Normal (Adventurer)

And that’s about it with your character, once you’ve set up everything you like about your character, its time to head out on an adventure and begin playing Spirit of the Island!

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