Spirit of the Island: Does it Support Controllers? (Find Out!)

Check out this guide to find out if a controller is being supported in Spirit of the Island!

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Spirit of the Island is a brand new adventure game where you get to enjoy an amazing new life on a deserted island. There you will begin your survival adventure and learn new tricks and ways to survive each night. With the game being newly released, players continuously keep asking themselves if the game will be supported by controllers as well!

In this guide, you will get to learn everything about Controller Support in Spirit of the Island.

Does it Support Controllers? (Find Out!) – Spirit of the Island

Currently at this very moment, controller support is not yet added to the game. However, developers have officially stated that controller support is currently the only and main thing that they are working on.

The developers of this game have stated that a controller is working flawlessly on their game. The only problem is that they are solving how the controls would work and how the controller will be displayed on the screen for each player.

Surely in one of the newer updates of the game, very soon we should be able to have controller support for Spirit of the Island!

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