Want to find out how you can collect spices in Spirit of the Island? Check out this guide to find out!

Spirit of the Island is a brand new adventure game where you get to enjoy an amazing new life on a deserted island. There you will begin your survival adventure and learn new tricks and ways to survive each night. Spices in this can help players to create amazing foods that can be eaten and handed in to an NPC for a quest.

This guide will show you how you can get spices in Spirit of the Island.

How to Get Spices (Find out!) – Spirit of the Island

Spices in Spirit of the Island are quite hard to obtain. The developers have stated that you need to wait a specific time such as winter, autumn, or fall for spices to be around.

You would obtain them as seeds and then plant the seeds, wait some time until they are fully grown and ready to be harvested.

One of the easier ways to obtain spices is by heading over to a piggery and looting that area. That’s right, the pigs produce spices that can help you complete your desired needs.

To build a piggery, you will need the following materials:

  • X40 Wood Plate
  • X20 Pack of Nails
  • X10 Rope

The only harder part about this build is that you need your farming skill to be level 3. Once you’ve built it, simply purchase 3 pigs to fill up the piggery and you will be ready to harvest spices. Each pig will cost you $900 to buy.

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