Spirit of the Island: Sprinkler Guide

Check out this guide to see all you need to know about sprinklers in Spirit of the Island.

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Spirit of the Island is a brand new life simulator RPG-style game where you get to leave your parents and begin your own adventuring journey. You will be stranded on an island with just a few simple tools which will help you survive the nights and keep you going!

In this guide, you will learn more about the sprinklers in Spirit of the Island.

Sprinkler Guide – Spirit of the Island

Sprinklers in Spirit of the Island are a great way to begin automating your farms. All of your farming crops in this game will require you to water them almost every day.

If someone has a big farm with a lot of crops, manual watering can sometimes be very time-consuming. That’s why developers have created water sprinklers that will sprinkle water in a radius which can water numerous plants and save you a bunch of time.

Once you’ve placed down your sprinklers, you will need a generator or any other power source which will power these sprinklers and allow them to water all of your plants.

Whenever a sprinkler is out of power, you will see a little lightning mark on it.

There are two types of sprinklers:

  • Basic Sprinkler (Crafted With: x1 Battery, x 10 Electrical Wire, x5 Iron Ingot, x5 Pack of Screws)
  • Quality Sprinkler (Crafted With: x1 Battery, x15 Electrical Wire, x10 Iron Ingot, x10 Pack of Screws)

After you’ve set up your generator and its fully functioning, you will see your sprinklers to begin to water big areas!

The Basic Sprinkler will water a 3×3 area, and the Quality Sprinkler will water a 5×5 area. It’s your choice to see what type of a sprinkler you need for your farms!

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