Want to find out how you can attract tourists in your island in Spirit of the Island? Check out this guide to find out!

Spirit of the Island is a brand new life simulator RPG-style game where you get to leave your parents and begin your own adventuring journey. You will be stranded on an island with just a few simple tools which will help you survive the nights and keep you going!

This guide will show you everything you need to know about tourists in Spirit of the Island.

Tourists Guide – Spirit of the Island

Tourists in Spirit of the Island are a great way for you to increase your character’s economy. These tourists will visit your island and check around your shops and see what types of goods you have to offer.

Try to have your island as pretty as possible, well-organized and have all your shops loaded with goods just so that tourists can purchase from you.

Tourists will also set up umbrellas and seats around your beach where they can relax and enjoy your beautiful island.

NOTE that at the beginning of the island, tourists will not be as common as you think. As time goes on, tourists will be even more attracted and will keep coming to your place.

The first time that you unlock tourists is when you repair your Pier. That is when they will start coming.

In multiplayer mode, the pier is automatically repaired.

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