Looking for a way to automate your planets development and construction in Star Trek Infinite? - Well not to worry, we got you covered!

In Star Trek Infinite it is crucial to make a perfect pattern of consuming and developing resources. That is why you need to make the perfect plan for building new ships, sending them to scavenge for materials and also constructing different buildings.

In this guide, we will show you how you can automate planet development and construction for Star Trek Infinite.

How To Automate Planet Development And Construction

Before we start off, it is important to know that you cannot automate your Capital Planet. That one is the only planet you need to develop manually.

To automate any other planet, you need to open it up and click on the little icon to change the Colony Designation.

The best way to see which planet will suit you best for automation is by checking the planet features.

For example, on the image below you will see that this planet has great Agriculture Dristrict and its marked with green. That means that the best place to select is the Agrarian World to help product food.

Make sure you read out all the Colony Designations in order to select the right planet for the right place.

Each Designation will have an impact on the buildings that you have, as well as the districts that you have set up for that specific planet.


Once you have selected the Agrarian World, or the world that you want to automate to, you need to go back to the first planet icon you pressed and turn on the automated Colony development.

And there you have it. Now your world had been set up to automatically upgrade and develop the marked setting that you like.

We hope this guide helped you learn more about automation planet developments and construction in Star Trek Infinite

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