Time to learn more about building ships and recruiting officers in Star Trek Infinite.

In Star Trek Infinite you get to build different ships and recruit a bunch of other soldiers, officers and even leaders for each of your clans. The game is based in space and there are different empires and unions that you need to guide in order to proceed with expanding.

In this guide, we will learn more about building ships and officers in Star Trek Infinite.

Ultimate Beginner Guide To Building Ships and Officers

Understanding Ships

To understand the ships in Star Trek Infinite, you need to know exactly what they are, how you can build them and what attachments you need to add to them to make them perform much better in all fields.

To do so, you need to go to the Ship Designer menu and begin learning most of the ship designs, components and stats of each ship.

After opening p a brand new design, on the right side you will see PRODUCTION, which means what you need to build that ship, the upkeep and the build time of the same ship.

To add components to the ship, you need to press the top left side and you will get a list of Phaser Cannons, Burst Phaser, Small Plasma Charge, Phaser Point-Defense, and other weapons depending on the size (S,M,L).

Make sure you read out all specific needs for each weapon, the alloys needed and the officers needed to build and operate these weapons.

On the right side, you will find slots for Reactor Sub-Batteries that will help you run the ship much better.

These are Auxiliary batteries that store great amounts of power to subsequently feed systems at critical times.

After applying all of the upgrades for the ship, you need to look on the right side of the whole ship requirements and you will see all of the operative officers, the alloys per month needed to upkeep that workflow and overall alloys.

After saving the ship with all extra components, randomize a name or give it a custom one and you will be able to save it and build it into your space dock.

To have a Space Dock, you need a Shipyard and a Star Dock.

After obtaining the space dock, you can begin building your ship and all of the costs will be consumed.

After building your ship, you won’t be able to operate it due to it missing officers. After you’ve obtained enough Security Officers or Starfleet Officers, you can go ahead and guide them into your ship and make it operatable.

The officers help you operate every single component of the ship. Without the required number of officers, you will not be able to operate the ship properly.

Every month, there is a number of officers distributed to your ship and help you make it operatable.

Bonus info about other ships:

  • Military Ships require officers.
  • Construction ships don’t require anyone and can be worked with as they are built.
  • Science ships require a Scientist to be into the ship in order to operate it.

How To Get Officers

In order to get officers, you can build different objects on Earth:

  • Starfleet Academy
  • Military Base

I hope this guide helped you figure out more about Building ships and understanding them better in Start Trek Infinite.

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