Check out this new Loot Glitch outpost for Starfield. Get an infinite amount of weapons and ammunition.

Starfield is a very interesting adventure game where you are out in space and need to set up your outpost to gather minerals from different plants, survive and unlock new machines as well as learn the newest materials from the planet for you to upgrade yourself and your outpost.

In this guide, we will show you a new loot glitch outpost for Starfield.

New Loot Glitch Outpost (Extra Weapons)

To make this glitch, you want to start off by building a brand new outpost and start placing down weapon cases on the ground. The size of the weapon case does not matter.

Once the weapon cases have been placed, you need to save your current world with the weapon cases placed down, and load back into it.

As you load into your world, you can simply open up each weapon case and loot it. You will find that most of the weapon cases have weapons and ammunition inside that you can freely take.

To repeat the process, you simply pick up the weapon cases that you placed on the ground and re place them back into your outpost, save the game, load it back up and you will get more loot.

And there you have it. That is how you can do the infinite loot glitch for Starfield.

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