Here you can learn which is the Best Starting Class in Steelrising!

Steelrising is almost here, and the fans were already asking about the available classes in the game and which could be the best option to start the game with. The game is offering a total of 4 classes that players will be able to choose from. No matter what is your playstyle, one of these classes will definitely fit your preferences. To find out which is the best class in beta version for now, just keep reading this article.

In this guide, we will show you the Best Starting Class in Steelrising.

Best Starting Class – Steelrising

While the game is still in Beta version, there are two main things to consider when deciding which character to start in Steelrising. This is just now for the beta, and it could change when the game launches.

The best two starting classes are Bodyguard or Soldier.

The Bodyguard is the most flexible start. Durability and Engineering are both defensive stats, and they are going to keep you alive longer, giving you more health and armor.

In addition to this, engineering is going to make more consumables drop, and the alchemical afflictions which are basically status effects will happen more often.

At the beginning of the game, you can go to the Vestal where you can grab the Halberd and have a fairly decent start with your Bodyguard.

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