Steelrising: Best Starting Weapon Guide

Let’s figure out what the best starting weapon for you can be in Steelrising.

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Steelrising is a great RPG that has many classes and class weapons that you can use. As a beginner player, it’s key to know what weapons will suit you best in this game. Some are more powerful than others. It’s finally time that you’ve found your starting weapon in Steelrising.

This guide will show you what the best starting weapon can be for you in Steelrising.

Best Starting Weapon Guide – Steelrising

One of the best starting weapons in Steelrising is by far the Gribeauval Halberd. This ranged-attacking weapon will not be as strong at the start. But once you begin applying power points to it, it will knock enemies down much easier.

This Halberd is a very long weapon which will help you keep that safe distance between yourself and your enemies. The weapon works well with a combination of two light attacks and followed by a heavy attack.

An aerial attack is also available on this weapon. Simply jump in the air and do two light attacks and follow by a heavy attack to get the most out of your weapon.

The special attack for this weapon is the gun that you can shoot. An okay attack but not a very useful one due to the lack of damage it does.

Try to use the Halberd mainly as a melee attacking weapon due to the long-range it has. Perform many combinations of light and heavy attacks to be as effective as possible on the battlefield.

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