Do you want to learn Combat Skills in Steelrising? This is the perfect guide for you.

Steelrising is an RPG Adventure game where you build your own character by your likings, these kind of games require some combat skills and Steelrising is not an exception. So let’s jump in and let me show you some Combat Guides.

This guide will show you all you need to know about combat in Steelrising.

Combat Guide – Steelrising

Controls for PS:

On R1 you have Light Attack.

On R2 you have Heavy Attack.

You can chain up Light Attacks, with Heavy Attacks for some pretty interesting Combos.

If you chain up the Attacks, you can try to learn them while being in the air. That can be simply done by just jumping and doing them. Most of them are 3 hits followed by a third which ends on the ground.

On L2 You have your Special Attack.

Each kind of Attack is the same but the animation is different on every weapon, especially the Special Attacks.

On L1 You have your movement difference.

If you press it once your character will start to walk, and if you press it again your character will start to run.

Triangle is for Venting.

Venting or also known as cooling off, is where your character basically during a fight cools off.

Square moves your items around in the bottom left corner area.

Circle is for Dodge.

If you Dodge around an enemy it will set you up in a position behind them immediately

X is Jump


Immobilization is a process where you lock onto the enemy with your right analog stick, and when the little triangle pops up and it fills up completely, you can hit the enemy with a critical attack. But also, you can freeze yourself and die from a glitch.

So going for the Immobilization: might not be the best option all the time.


Impact is a weapon stat that shows how much power the weapon has to knock things over.

The weapon with the highest Impact level is the Wheel Of Vengeance. This Weapon is so good, but It has such short range.

The knocking down works differently on every enemy.


In this game there are 3 types of status. There is fire which causes damage over time

then you have ice which freezes enemies (and attacking the enemy while being frozen lowers their cooldown of being frozen)

and at last lighting makes the enemies take more damage.

These abilities are stackable, that means that you can use them on the same enemy. For example, if you throw fire at it and then freeze it, it will burn while being frozen.


In Steelrising you have 2 types of healing.

The first one is the renewable source of healing which is the Oil Burette, this item heals certain amount of health and regenerates back to your capacity each time you rest at the chair.

The Second type of healing is through the ordinary Oil Vial which heals over time.


In this game there are some weapons that have Blocking techniques. It takes a little bit of stamina, you can attack from it but it cannot parry the attack.

We really hope that this guide helped you.

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