Steelrising: The Best Build That You Can Make

Are you stuck trying to figure out which class is performing the best? Check out this guide and learn more about the different builds in Steelrising.

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Steelrising is a brand-new RPG action videogame. Like many other RPG games, you are once again facing the biggest choice of your life. Choosing your class, wondering if it’s good, if it’s strong and will it keep you entertained?

In this guide I’ll be showing you that in Steelrising you can never really make a critical choice and you always have the possibility to change, evolve.

The Best Build That You Can Make – Steelrising

I’m going to start by saying that you should not be worrying about choosing a class in Steelrising, the class will have no influence on your build performance. You will be the one who will create and design your character strength.

So go on pick up any class you want, what makes you happy or what you think you could play all day long without ever boring yourself.

That goes for the weapons as well, every weapon has a different stat which I will explain to you later, so go on and pick whatever weapon you find fun for now.

Weapon Scaling

The important thing to understand here is that every weapon has a different scaling system. You have Power, you have Agility and you have Alchemy.

Each one of those will determine how to make a stronger build.

Not every weapon has a stat scaling, some weapons have the option to only be upgraded in one of those 3 stats. This step will help you how to better recognize what weapon to choose to be able to further upgrade it.

The main this is if you have a Power weapon upgrade the power stat.
If you have Agility weapon, then update agility.
Finally if you have Alchemy so upgrade alchemy because your weapon becomes stronger.

Now in the picture right below you will see that every stat has a side stat.

Every single Main stat is possible to be mixed with every single Side stat but be careful that not every one of them works but that’s why I will explain them to you right now.

Alchemy Build

If you want to make an Alchemy build you will be going to pick engineering. Why? Because engineering gives you Affliction multiplier and what that means is that if you fire up someone your damage over time will be longer and the damage will be stronger.

It also gives you Alchemical capsules and those are like loot that you get from monsters and if you have engineering you have Loot Multiplier and well you can already tell what it does.

Agility Build

The Agility build is quite cool might I say. Agility build must always be combined with Vigour. Vigour gives you critical hit multiplier. Basically it increases the critical hit you can do on your enemies and also it gives you Immobilisation, increasing the chance to stun your enemies.

The more damage you do the longer you can stun your foes. So you can imagine what assassins will do to use this build to their advantage.

Power Build

Power build is all about using the heavy weapons, heavy maces. That says you will be more likely to be trading with your enemies. For this you will be choosing the Durability as a side stat. It gives you balance which will prevent the enemies to stun you and it gives you Impact which basically means that you will be more resistant to damage.

But be careful chat side stat are you choosing because depending on your playstyle you can rather be going full critical mode with Vigour but then needing the loot as well from Engineering.

With all of this said, you will have to take your time to think about what weapon you should be choosing because don’t forget every weapon has a different Special Move, so pick the one that you know you can stick with for a long time.


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