Stranded Deep: Animals & Creatures Guide

Found yourself on an abandoned island and have no clue what animals can crawl up to you in Stranded Deep? Check out this guide!

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Stranded Deep is an interesting survival game where you get attacked on your raft by a bunch of sharks and manage to survive the attack. After your survival, you wash up on an abandoned island with nothing and your only option of staying alive is to begin surviving. An amazing game that will keep you busy for hours if you want to properly survive!

This guide will show you all the animals in Stranded Deep.

Animals & Creatures Guide – Stranded Deep

In Stranded Deep, you will find a total of 17 different animals and creatures. Some are easy to defeat and capture, and others are deadly.

Here is a list of all the animals and creatures that you can find in Stranded Deep:

  • Crab (Found while exploring the island beaches and shallow waters)
  • Seagull (Can be found near the islands only during the day)
  • Bat (Can be found around the island only during the night)
  • Boar (Can be found while exploring the waters and the island beaches)
  • Snake (Can be found while exploring large islands and grassy lands)
  • Fish Types (Sardine, Archer, Discus, Clown Triggerfish, Cod. All can be found while fishing)
  • Lion Fish (Can be found anywhere in the ocean)
  • Sea Snake (Can be found anywhere in the ocean)
  • Stingray (Can be found near shallow waters)
  • Reef Shark (Can be found while exploring the shallow waters around the island)
  • Tiger Shark (Can be found while exploring the deep ocean waters)
  • Great White Shark (Can be found exploring the deep ocean waters)
  • Marlin (Can be found while exploring the deep ocean waters)
  • Whale (Can be found while exploring deep ocean waters)
  • Great Shark (Can be found near dead animals inside the deep ocean waters)
  • Eel (Usually they wander around the submarine wrecks in the ocean waters)
  • Squid (Can be found anywhere in the ocean waters)

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