Palm Trees don’t seem to re-spawn on you in Stranded Deep? Check out this guide to see if they actually re-spawn!

Stranded Deep is an interesting survival game where you get attacked on your raft by a bunch of sharks and manage to survive the attack. After your survival, you wash up on an abandoned island with nothing and your only option of staying alive is to begin surviving. An amazing game that will keep you busy for hours if you want to properly survive!

This guide will show you if Palm Trees re-spawn in Stranded Deep!

Do Palm Trees Re-Spawn? (Find Out!) – Stranded Deep

Palm Trees in Stranded Deep are the key ingredient to getting all your materials for crafting tools and building your camp on your island.

Once you’ve cleared up the whole island from palm trees, you will notice that there is nothing currently that you can use to craft more materials or continue building your camp with.

Players begin to travel to different islands just to get more palm logs and continue crafting.

With that being said, Palm Trees do not re-spawn in Stranded Deep. Rocks are also a valuable mineral that cannot re-spawn, so better use that wisely.

You can always obtain Palm Tree saplings and plant a bunch of them. After a while, a palm tree will begin to grow and allow you to have more resources.

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