Trying to find more secret levels in the Deep Magma Bog for Super Mario Bros Wonder? - Well check out this guide to find out where you can unlock them!

The Deep Magma Bog is a very hot place that we need to sort out in Super Mario Bros Wonder. Here you get to complete various levels and eventually you will run out of levels to complete. Not to worry, as there are a few secret levels here that you can unlock.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock secret levels in the Deep Magma Bog area for Super Mario Bros Wonder.

How To Unlock Secret Levels In Deep Magma Bog

To unlock the secret levels in the Deep Magma Bog, you need to head over to the level called Where the Rrrumbas Rule.

Once inside that level, there is an alternative ending here where you need to move across the roof with your drill until you’ve managed to get to a secret place.

You will get to a place with 3 pipes and a yellow wall that you need to push. Use your drill power to go to the top of the pipes and make your way to the very right side of the area, past the yellow wall and into a small crack.

There are going to be three pillars in the small room that you need to push and they will break some bricks, revealing a small pipe. Go into the pipe and complete the mission normally to unlock the first secret level.

The next secret level that you can unlock will require you to go to the Hot-Hot Rocks level.

Once inside this level, you need to use the elephant power for water or use the urns filled with water to freeze the blocks from turning into lava and prevent killing you.

Once you’ve managed to cool down all the rocks, go to the very left side of the mission at the very top and keep on going left until you activate one plant.
That plant will reveal another plant that you need to activate and follow a beam.

Follow the beam till the end of the map and it will reveal a hidden part where you need to complete the level there and unlock the second set of secret levels for the Deep Magma Bog.

I hope this guide helped you figure out how you can unlock more secret levels for the Deep Magma Bog in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

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