The Gallery Owl puzzle is giving you troubles in Taiji? Well then check out this guide to make things run a lot smoother!

Taiji is a puzzle-solving adventure game that takes place in a mysterious world full of puzzles. In contrast to many adventure games, Taiji’s puzzles all use the same interface: a grid of tiles that can be turned on or off.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Gallery Owl Puzzle and how to complete it. Let’s get started.

Gallery Owl Puzzle Guide – Taiji

Here are some things that you need to look out for when doing the Owl Puzzle:

  • You probably didn’t catch a reference to one of the puzzle pieces, since it’s not used that way anywhere else.
  • Look again at the owl’s head. Does anything look like it was made to look like a puzzle piece?
  • Do the eyes make you think of anything? Maybe from the Graveyard?

The eyes are two zeros stacked on top of each other. We know from the Graveyard that this is an empty square. It’s not fair because this is the only time binary is used in a grid puzzle, not just a line puzzle. So that is why it might come confusing.

Since the eyes are 0’s from the graveyard, they MUST be OFF. All of the graveyard puzzles can’t be turned around for the same reason.

That is all that you’ll need to complete the Gallery Owl Puzzle! We hope that this guide will get you through it without breaking a sweat. Good luck!

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