Going past the rocks will take you some time!

At its core, Tales of Tanorio is an adventure game on the Roblox platform. Sure, it utilizes the creature-catching genre to create an exciting and interesting game. However, interacting with your surroundings consistently remains an important part of the game.

In this guide, you will learn how to get past the big rock that drops from the sky. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Get Past The Rock In Tales of Tanorio

Finding The NPC

Once you reach the spot the rock drops from the sky to block the path, turn around and sprint back.

You should see an NPC standing on your right to confirm you are indeed going the right way. Continue sprinting, and you will see a red crystal.

Continue forward, and you will see a green crystal jetting out of the mountain before you. To the left of the green crystal is a dark opening to a cave, as shown below:

Inside The Cave

Once you enter the cave, you should see a mushroom directly before you. Turn left and make sure you are still to the wall on your left. Move forward, and you will pass a green crystal, a blue crystal and a lava field.

NOTE: The important thing here is to stick to the left wall as you journey forward.

When you reach the area shown above, an NPC will pop up.

Interact with him, and you can now retrace your steps back out of the cave. Then, return to the spot where the big rock is blocking your path. You will find the path now clear of all obstacles.

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