The Kaigan Cliffs are closer then you think!

If you are looking on how to get to Kaigan Cliffs and don’t know how, don’t worry because, in today’s guide, we will be going through what path you should follow to get to the Kaigan Cliffs.

Not only that but we will also be showing you how to get the ability of climbing vines which is an essential ability when trying to get to Kaigan Cliffs in Tales of Tanorio. Remember to follow the guide step by step if you wish to get to Kaigan Cliffs easily without any problems. Let’s get to it!

How To Get To Kaigan Cliffs In Tales Of Tanorio

The Ability To Climb Vines

This ability is essential when you want to get to Kaigan cliffs since you will be required to climb a vine, we will see this later in the guide.

To get this ability you first have to meet up with Dylan in Everlush town. Dylan can be found in the stadium. After meeting up with Dylan you will be given the ability to climb vines.

Route 5

After getting the ability to climb vines you will then leave Everlush town through Route 5.

After leaving the town through route 5 you will then proceed to a hollow old tree bark to your right go through it and follow the path till you find a gate called Kaigan Canyon.

Getting to Kaigan Cliffs

Once you’re in the Kaigan Canyon you should see a vine to your left.

Click on it and your character should automatically climb it.

The Cave

You will then continue to follow the path through the cave.

Once you are through the cave you should end up at Kaigan Cliff.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get to Kaigan Cliffs in Tales of Tanorio. Happy gaming!

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