Heal them up to 100%.

After battles in Tales of Tanorio your Tanorian would have gotten some damage. Healing spots in Arksworth are unmarked and most gamers will get frustrated trying to find a healing spot.

Don’t get frustrated because in this guide we will be showing you where to find the healing center in Arksworth to heal your Tanorian in Tales of Tanorio.

Where To heal In Arksworth In Tales Of tanorio

How To Get To The Healing Center

Firstly, you need to make your way in Arksworth. You will proceed to go in a straight line without taking any corners at first. You will then find a bridge and proceed to cross it.

After crossing the bridge you’ll see a crosswalk, and to the left of the crosswalk, there should be a set of stairs.

Once you are at the top of the flight of stairs you will then turn left and proceed to the end of the street and you will see a house just by the museum.

Go inside and you should find the healing center to heal your Tanorian. Hope you enjoyed this guide, Happy gaming!

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