In this guide, we will show you How to Discover Narwhal in Terra Nil!

Let’s find out How to Discover Narwhal in Terra Nil!

In Terra Nil, you are going to transform a barren wasteland into a thriving and balanced ecosystem where a lot of mysterious things are waiting to be discovered. A lot of areas are waiting for you to be revealed, and once you come to the ocean, you will find a completely new world.

How To Discover Narwhal

If you are trying to discover the Narwhals in Terra Nil, then in first place, you must have discovered the ocean and the ice sheet.

Narwhals are living in deep and cold oceans, and that’s the area where you have to go and discover them. To be more specific, they can be easily found in the cold areas of the ocean where the temperature is around -10 degrees.

Simple as that, you just need to have the right tech and equipment that will give you access to that area and it will be pretty easy for you to discover the Narwhals in the deep and cold ocean.