Terra Nil: Rainforest Level Guide | How To Pass Level 2

Check out this guide and learn how to pass level 2 in Terra Nil (Rainforest Level)!

Terra Nil is an environmental, tactical and strategy game where you can improve different types of skills from transforming, building, social interactions, etc. There are different task sources and you`ll get the chance to enjoy each adventure to accomplish the main aim.

In this guide, you`re able to learn how to pass the second level of the game, and to do that the easiest way possible read the text below and follow the instructions!

Rainforest Level Guide | How To Pass Level 2

Before we start, is better to know that levels are procedurally generated, so there is no shortcut to building a healthy foundation.

The main problem that players have faced is the burning of the permanent grass area, because of the lack of rain and water source. That thing stops the recycling system as well, so it`s better if you try some of the tricks I learned!

There may be clothing problems as well, so you don`t get the proper equipment and get some health damage.

Read the counting below and find what can help you win this level once and for always!

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  • Adjust The Climate – Try getting the climate before you start the work and create new biomes. That will give you a fresh start and the option to excess the burn.
  • Burn Some Grass – Slower process. It`s happening after the burn and you`ll be now dealing with reconstruction and Re-Growing the grass. Try burning the grass near the forest, and keep the big Rainforest untouched,
  • Try From Different Maps – well it worked for some players, but I don`t think that affects that much.

The first two tricks worked for me after restarting and refreshing several times, I don`t know if it`s a game issue or just bad luck, it took me some time.

Hope these tricks will work for you and you`ll be able to move on to the upcoming levels! Stay tuned for more interesting game guides!

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