Did you learn how to access the Cyber Heist DLC in The Ascent? If you haven’t done that then you can find out the best way to do that in the text below.

The Ascent is a great fantasy shooter game that has recently come out with the latest DLC which is the Cyber Heist DLC. This DLC has become public to the players on August 18th. For some players, this DLC is hard to obtain. Not to worry!

This guide will show you how to get access to the Cyber Heist DLC in The Ascent.

How to Access the Cyber Heist DLC (Find Out!) – The Ascent

This is only possible once you’ve finished the main game story and all the main story missions have been completed.

Once you’ve talked to Kyra you’ll need to exit outside the spot and head to the next assignment.

If you want to find Kyra, try looking at the building rooftops, inside the bank, or event some interiors where NPCs can be commonly found.

Once you’ve spoken with Kyra, head over to the broken bridge where you can see a space ship. Interact with the door on the space ship to access the brand new Cyber Heist DLC.

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