Defeat the Final End Boss, Alpha Ferris, in The Callisto Protocol using this guide!

Captain Ferris is a constant and recurring boss in The Callisto Protocol but only in the final chapter will he be revealed as the final boss. This fight is expectedly challenging and requires attention to the Ferris’ speed and eliminating the side enemies that Ferris summons.

This guide will show you how to defeat Alpha Ferris, the final end boss in The Callisto Protocol!

Alpha Ferris Final End Boss Fight Guide – The Callisto Protocol

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This fight actually as two parts. The first parts show Ferris in seemingly human form, and deal human blows. Jacob will have to dodge his attacks four times in a row before counterattacking him with melee blows or ranged attacks.

After dealing some damage, Ferris will transform into an abomination.

This time, Ferris will slow down a little bit but the damage from him will be much more deadly. Dodging here is critical and a single dodge can give Jacob a lot of opportunity to strike. It is best to shoot near the head where there is a flesh shield that covers his face.

Sometimes, Ferris will shed little minions that are faster and would charge at Jacob. It is best to eliminate them first before focusing your fires to Ferris again.

Just continue to dodge, attack, maintain shooting distance, and eliminate the minions until you have dealt enough damage to put down Ferris!

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